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Love Bear Tie Bear Plush Doll Bear Valentine's Day Gift Cute Cartoon Teddy Bear Gift Plush Bear Doll

Baby introduction 1. Baby name: Heart-hugging Teddy Bear
2. Baby Color: as shown in the picture
3. Baby material: velvet
4. Baby filling: three-dimensional vacuum PP cotton
5. Baby size:
6. Baby introduction: The fabric is imported plush fabric, made with fine craftsmanship, comfortable to the touch, has soft texture, advanced warp, and weft knitting technology, and is strong and tight, It has strong anti-static ability and adopts a shearing method to ensure no lint loss and avoid hair loss caused by short pile adsorbing on the surface. The anti-flame retardant ability of the fabric has reached the national inspection standards. The inner filling is completely made of very clean PP three-dimensional hollow cotton, which has strong bulk and elasticity.The fiber is fine, easy to clean, has no peculiar smell, and is harmless to the human body.bear

Bow Tie Bear 1

Details 1

Heart-hugging bear main picture





Brown hug bear
White hug bear
Light brown hug bear