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Explosions 15W Vertical Three-in-one Wireless Charger For Apple Huawei Mobile Phone Headset Watch Wireless Fast Charging


Product Information:                                                                                                                                                            

Name: GY-Z5                                                        >

Material: ABS

Input power: 12V 2A

Output power: 15W 10W 7.5W 5W

Transmission distance: 8mm≤

Charging efficiency: 78≥

Product size: 13.6*10.1*13.6cm

Packaging size: 15*12*16cm

Product quantity: 48 PCS


Packaging configuration:

Z5: Product*1

Data cable: Tepey-C*1.2 meters

Manual: *1 copy

Purchase instructions: Fast charging wireless charger must be used with an adapter 2.0 or above so that the input and output will be stable. Otherwise, the power will be unstable and the charging time will be unstable. Intermittent or no normal power supply.

Product advantages:

8mm sensing distance, can be charged even with a case, can charge iPhone, watch, and Airpods at the same time

It is a stand and a wireless charger. The mobile phone can be charged when placed horizontally or vertically

Multiple protections: overcurrent protection/overvoltage protection/overcharge protection/overtemperature protection/short circuit protection/foreign object detection/power protection/electromagnetic field protection

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White z5
Black z5
Z5 white + us adapter
Z5 black + us adapter
Z5 white + european standard adapter
Z5 black + european standard adapter